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The following is a list of example behaviors one may encounter with relationship violence:

  • Physical abuse
    • Hurting or attempting to hurt another
    • Hitting, kicking, burning, or other physical force
  • Sexual abuse
    • Forcing a partner to take part in a sex act
    • The partner does not consent
  • Threats
    • Threatening physical or sexual abuse
    • Includes threatening gestures, weapons, or other means to communicate
    • the intent to cause harm
  • Emotional abuse
    • Threatening possessions or lived ones
    • Harming sense of self-worth
    • Include name calling, stalking, intimidation, or not letting a partner see family or friends
(Courtesy of the Center for Disease Control)

If you encounter an individual exhibiting these types of behaviors, please report this to the UCF Police immediately for the safety of yourself and others.