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  • Why stalking is so ideal on college campuses
    • Open Atmosphere
    • Students follow predictable schedules
    • Buildings are easy to enter
  • National Sexual Victimization of College Women Survey
    • 1 in 8 female college students surveyed had been stalked within a 6-9 month period
    • 80.3 percent of women stalked knew or has seen their stalker.
    • 83 percent of women who were stalked did not notify the police
  • Most female victims are stalked by current or former intimate partners
  • Female Victims were stalked 2-6 times per week for an average of 60 days
  • 15% of the time the stalker threatened or attempted to harm the victim
  • 10% of the time the stalker forced or attempted sexual contact
(Courtesy of the National Center for the Victims of Crime)

Stalking should not be taken lightly. If you do not feel safe, make sure that you are walking in well-lit areas and do not walk alone. If no one is available, contact S.E.P.S. to get an escort to your dorm or vehicle.