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If you are being stalked:

  • Meet with a victim advocate
  • Tell the stalker to stop
  • Give the stalker a clear "no contact" statement. This includes verbal with a witness, e-mail, text message, etc. This creates a paper trail.
  • Save harassing phone calls
  • Collect physical evidence
  • Alert those you trust
  • Do not isolate yourself
  • Record as much personal information about the stalker as possible
  • Identify a safe haven
  • Routines make stalking easy
  • Call the Police if you feel threatened in any way

What not to do:

  • Don't plead to be left alone or try to talk sense into them
  • Don't go to the stalker's aid if they claim there is a crisis
  • Don't hide keys outside the house
  • Don't leave notes for friends or family referring to whereabouts

Remember, you can utilize S.E.P.S. (Safe Escort Patrol Services) for escort services only by dialing (407) 823-2424. S.E.P.S. cannot help in an emergency - you will need to call campus police or 9-1-1.