Hurricane Katrina

Photo courtesy of NOAA


Remember, it only takes one!

Reduce risks by having a plan in place and educating yourself about hurricane preparedness. Be one of the first to prepare for a hurricane and its related threats! This may save you money, time, your home, and more importantly, your life. The resources to the right will provide you with some guidance on how to prepare and plan for the 2015 hurricane season.

Central Florida Hurricanes Since 1950. Nine hurricanes affecting Central Florida.

Listen to the forecast and prepare to act!

Listen: If a hurricane is approaching central Florida, you should begin monitoring the storm via local radio, TV broadcasts, or the internet. UCF News & Information will post notices of hurricane related information and campus closings at UCF Regional Campuses, located at various community colleges in central Florida, will follow the closing directives issued by their respective host community college. These campuses may also have different reopening schedules than the UCF Orlando campus. If in doubt, the campus information line at 407-823-2000 will have a recording of specific UCF closings.

This summer OEM has launched another useful resource for keeping up to date on severe weather affecting the UCF area.  The new OEM-NOTICE listserv is an email service that will notify students, faulty, and staff of severe weather that could impact UCF's campuses.

The new email listserv does not replace UCF Alert, which remains the first way the UCF community will be notified of an existing emergency or threat to UCF's campuses.  Instead, this listserv is an additional way to notify those who sign up of potential weather-related threats to UCF.

To subscribe, email with "subscribe OEM-NOTICE" in the body of the message.  The subject line should be left blank, and be sure to send the email from the address at which you wish to receive emails.  To unsubscribe, follow the same instructions with "signoff OEM-NOTICE" in the body of the email.

Prepare: When the central Florida region falls within the 3 day cone of the probability on the National Hurricane Center's map, ensure you have adequate supplies on hand and begin preparing how to protect your assets.

Act: When a hurricane watch for surrounding coastal areas is issued, begin securing any sensitive records or vulnerable equipment.