UCF Alert


We recommended that all departments of the University have a lockdown and Shelter-In-Place plan, in addition to the University's lockdown and Shelter-In-Place plans. If your office, department, or organization does not have a plan in place, please contact the Emergency Management Coordinator or Public Relations within the University Police Department and they can assist you. A template is available that will help you with designing and writing a plan that is standardized with all other campus lockdown and shelter-in-place plans.

NOTIFICATION – Click here to learn the different ways you may be notified of a lockdown or shelter-in-place event on campus.

REACTION – Upon being notified of a Lockdown or Shelter-In-Place activation:

  • Faculty and staff - Take charge and secure all buildings and rooms. Collect students that are in the local area and implement your lockdown and shelter-in-place plan. If you do not have a plan in place, secure your immediate area; find cover away from doors and windows; remain calm; silence cell phones; and wait for the "ALL CLEAR."
  • Students – Do not panic; look and listen to your surroundings; go to the closest safe room or building; lock yourself into a room; or follow directions from staff and/or faculty. Some buildings may be locked; if so, find a safe location and stay put. DO NOT leave until the “ALL CLEAR” has been given. Call 911 only if you need help or have critical information to pass on.

QUESTIONS: Please contact the Office of Emergency Management at 407-823-6301.