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The Office of Emergency Management maintains plans to manage UCF's response to various campus emergencies and disasters. It is recommended that these plans are reviewed and adopted by campus departments. All current plans are listed below.

Where Do I Begin?
The Office of Emergency Management has recently developed, and made available, a Department Emergency Preparedness Checklist.  This checklist identifies the current emergency plans, programs, and training courses that departments should participate in, or adopt, to increase their emergency preparedness. Click here to download the checklist.

Building Emergency Action Plan
A Building Emergency Action Plan has been developed to identify the specific emergency response operations that your building will take during a variety of hazards.  This plan is meant to ensure that departments operating within the same building can communicate and coordinate effectively with one another during an emergency. Please contact the Emergency Plans and Programs Coordinator at 407-823-0678 to request a copy of the plan and to begin the planning process.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan:

Basic Plan:

Incident Specific Plans:

Operational Plans:

Continuity of Operations Plan

Other Emergency Management Plans


Contact Information:

Emergency Plans and Programs Coordinator
(407) 882-7111